Frontiers Leadership and Coaching


Whether you are a business founder or executive, a creator or change maker, leaders struggle to get to the root of their limiting beliefs and create the self-awareness needed to achieve their goals and realize their full potential. Many leaders also feel isolated, unable to share their experiences in an open and collaborative way.

We are here to coach and guide you towards long lasting results through partnership and community 

Frontiers Leadership and Coaching serves the leaders of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow through guidance, partnership and leader community building.

Both 1:1 and group based leadership and business coaching are offered for clients who want to reach new frontiers in performance and leadership capacity. We use an approach that truly taps into both an individual's and team's full potential.

A trusted and successful coaching process is applied through blended learning and development transformation that focuses on a client's:

  • Beliefs (you hold for yourself and others)
  • Behaviours (your habits and routines)
  • Being (how you 'show up' in the world)

Bringing awareness to your intention can focus your attention on commitment for change. A clear belief in outcome then leads to transformation.

We believe in close collaboration and partnership. Frontiers Leadership and Coaching has the first-hand credibility, grounded in start-ups, scale-ups and corporate environments, military operations and training. Our extensive leadership experience and skills will guide you through your journey.

Services offered

1:1 Leadership and Business Coaching

Increase your performance and reach your true potential

Focus on achieving your leadership and performance goals through close partnership and guidance. We will support you to identify the obstacles that stop you from realising your potential. Together we build a plan for action that will enable you to realise your vision for the future. The focus is on individual transformation both online or in-person.

Team and Group Training

Create unified purpose and collective culture

By clarifying the team's 'why' and agreeing on the values which are your compass to navigate you will create a collective culture oriented to deliver on your purpose and mission. The focus is on group coaching and training in a collaborative environment both online or in-person.

Community Building

Build a tribe, create a movement

This is for the bold change makers, those that want to create a community of thought and action leaders who can change the world. The focus will be on creating centres of gravity and strategies for creating movements for change.