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I am a leader and mentor who specialises in leadership development training, I am passionate about helping young leaders grow.


Having commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, I went on to lead officers and soldiers on military training and operations to solve complex problems all over the world. After over two amazing decades in the army, I leveraged my leadership skills commercially in complex markets to mobilise multi-billion dollar projects, improve projects’ performance, build a funded start-up in the Middle East and generate commercial growth as a business development executive for large internationals in new markets.


My leadership was publicly recognised through a commendation for distinguished service in Afghanistan in 2009, and again for outstanding leadership through my appointment as MBE in 2011. 


Extremely well-travelled having worked and lived abroad for most of my life, I also have a passion for mountains and now live in the French Alps with my family where I indulge my love of skiing. My personal goal is to develop better, mindful leaders and give them tools, developed over a 30 year leadership career, to enable their healthy development. 

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Toby Jackman MBE

Founder, Frontiers Leadership